Twilio & WHMCS Bridge

Howdy Folks,

I’m currently trying to find someone who can develop a (what I believe to be) small script, that links WHMCS and Twilio. Firstly, the requirements:

  1. Must work without any server line commands (i.e. no installing node.js etc)
  2. Must have an installer so we can use on 3 or 4 of our websites without complex install procedure
  3. Structure of phone menu must be editable through the WHMCS admin area or separate panel so messages can be uploaded quickly, such as “We are aware of a problem on ‘X’ server, we are looking into it” - to help cut down on calls.
  4. Must be able to use both audio files (from a voiceover) and Twilio tag for things like greeting client by name, or reading back ticket subjects etc.

There are modules out there that currently do this, so could potentially be built on top of them (message me for a link), but the way I envision this working is:

  1. Caller phones Twilio number
  2. {if} network update, play message {else} move to step 3
  3. {if} Caller ID is in WHMCS database, greet by name {else} straight to step 4
  4. Asks if caller has existing ticket {if} yes, ask to enter ticket # using keypad {else} Go to 7
  5. Retrieve ticket details, read ticket subject line and ask to confirm correct. {if} yes, Step 6 {else} ask to re-enter.
  6. Transfer to an operator with pop-up display on operators screen with a link to the ticket
  7. (from step 5) Play IVR Menu, Sales/Support/Accounts etc, then transfer to operator

I’ve been advised that this should be a somewhat simple job for someone who is familiar with both Twilio and WHMCS.

No strict time frame and I have realistic budgets (I don’t work for peanuts, so I don’t expect others too), but I’m not wanting to spend a fortune on this, as it’s more of a ‘nice to have’.

Feel free to drop me a message with a cost estimate, or if you require more info from me. The module I’m basing this idea on is:

Cheers :slight_smile: