Twig and wordpress


I’m a big fan of templating engines, such as twig, blade, jade. I also see that mixing php and html in wordpress themes is horrible, where is DRY and separation of concerns?

Anyhow, I’ve been using Twig while developing custom sites for my clients, I was wondering what is ThemeForest policy on these kind of things? Do they accept wp themes made with twig?

I use also Twig on my joomla themes because I use Gantry 5 framework, we need Envato to let us use Twig files for WordPress and update their theme checker, the problem now is that theme checker doesn’t support Twig files and give nonsense errors and in my case I just have a WordPress theme rejected because I used Gantry 5 framework which need to be installed from the plugin manager for the theme to work properly, please Envato find a solution for this