Twice rejected track. Why?

Hi guys! I’m on Envato 5 years . And for the first time for all this time , my song was not accepted . At first I thought that the problem in the construction of the composition , and I edit the track . But it was not adopted for the second time , but “soft rejection”. I asked him to explain why , but they said : read the rules or ask in the forum . I think that was denied , since a lot of requests . Otherwise , I do not understand why did not explain the reason for the refusal ? Please let fidbek what is wrong in my way ? ( Sorry for my bad english ) .

I have two songs in a row rejected:worried: I also do not understand the reason for refusal . Literally did not explain anything .

It might be the violin, it doesn’t really sound organic to me. The rest sounds ok though,

Maybe. Thanks for the comment. I’ll wait for other comments , then to make multiple edits in the track.

Sample quality? The production seems good, but the samples (particularly the violin and the piano) sound a bit “thin”. The accordion is occasionally a bit overpowering in the mix.

Having said that I love the composition and the programming, good use of a variety of velocities.

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it’s hard to say…

I think your AJ watermark may be too soft/not loud enough when music is loud… :scream:

but I may be wrong…

anyone else?

I think you’re almost there, but the instruments are just a bit too DAW sounding and the mix is not coherent. It doesn’t sound quite acoustic enough for an acoustic track. Try using more of the same reverb for all instruments and check your EQ on every track so nothing sticks out too much. For me, the bass pizzicato sounds like it’s in another room. For a minimalistic track like this, it’s hard to make every instrument carry weight and sound interesting. If you fail to make every single instrument sound great on it’s own, a second option is to add more instruments (like backing strings or percussion) to mask any dead giveaways. And the violin would probably sound better played live :sunglasses:

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I think its a nice composition, but as other has mentioned, the samples you are using doesnt do the music justice. And the mix is also a bit un-balanced and, for my taste, a bit dry.
In this style and with the orchestration you have chosen, every instrument is very exposed and the shortcomings of the samples becomes all the more evident. The biggest problem for me is the bass. It sounds like you are using a pizzicato bass ensemble patch and the bass are over powering the solo instruments. In general the performance also lacks the passion and subtle details one expects in a tango piece.
I suggest that you do a search for tango on audiojungle to hear how others have solved the task of making tango with samples. Good luck!

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There’s as webinar tomorrow about Rejection reasons and how to avoid them. Might be worth checking out.

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Thank you very much for your answer! Now, I also hear what you said.

Thank you for your comment! Indeed, you are also right.

Unfortunately I do not know English and do not understand it at the hearing. And these comments I translate into Google translator :slight_smile: