Twice a month withdrawal process possibility?

So I’m wondering, what… if any are the possibilities that
Envato can re-evaluate the 1 time month withdrawal process. I understand that
maybe they have it setup this way for accounting purposes. But IT would be a
lot convenient I think and beneficial to myself and other authors. I’m sure I’m
not just speaking for myself.

Is there any hope that in the future we can have an
additional feature where you can withdraw twice a month. Maybe the first few
days of the month and then towards the end of the month?

Just curious. Admins are welcome to respond.

hi PSD, i personally believe that this is not a big deal for all and that some guys do not necessarily need it , but that , on the other hand, it would be helpful for some others , but, in any event, i am really not thinking that they are going to cane anything about it, even if authors are numerous to ask …