tweny20, when can we start uploading new pictures

hi when can i upload pictures?


We don’t have a hard date yet but we’re hoping for this month :crossed_fingers: We’re trying to make the upload process even better.

I was thinking exactly the same. I thought the account would be activated on the 1st of August.

Because data cannot change at either end of a data transfer and the migration from Twenty20 was scheduled to be completed by September 1, we are still not able to upload new images or manage our current portfolios. We’ve been told that we should be able to manage and upload sometime in early September. They will send out emails once T20 photographers are granted access to their accounts. However, our images have been available for sale all this time.


Just got a e mail it seems from the 14th we can upload, we will have a limit of 200 images per month.

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@BenLeong just curious… Do existing Elements photographers have a 200 per month limit?

I don’t believe existing authors have the 200 limit but I’ll double check :grin:

Thanks for checking. It seems to me everyone should be limited if the review process is getting overwhelmed.

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Hi what is dune and element, arent they The same? What are The different?

PhotoDune allows for purchasing a single item license while Elements is a subscription service that allows you to access a wide range of items across the creative spectrum. Music, video, photography etc.

They explain the difference in more detail and give links to them here:

It’s like two different stores so there are two different dashboards.

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i have still
no acces to upload my new pictures, what to do?

You’ll be emailed with the details when upload becomes available :grin:

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sir i want to purchase new somatic auto pilot plugin. then how and from where i can download this plugin?

can someone explain an envato noob where to upload images?
i see two places for uploading photos.

one where i have 5000 images limit and one where i have a 200 images limit.

5000 images limit:

200 images limit:

what is the right place to upload images?

the upload process is the least straightforward i have encountered so far.
it looks like envato is scrambled together from 3 different websites.

but maybe it´s just me…

oh wait there is also this webpage where i can upload stuff:


i am on 8 other microstock websites and i normaly get this stuff after 5 minutes but envato puzzles me to be honest.

i guess one upload path is for envato elements and the other is for photodune?
where is the best place to upload images and why?

i do 3d renderings and photos, does it make a difference where i upload these two types of images?
is one place better for 3d renderings?

Did you get the email this morning explaining where to upload?

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YES i can upload pictures! thx
but i cant upload by photodune, only market.
and how can i get a bonus?

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PhotoDune is on Market :grin:

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O :sweat_smile: en how can I get A bonus?

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They have discontinued the Bonus program.