Twenty20 - support? Commercial & Editorial use - Not cleared


Envato teamed up with twenty20 but they do not have any support. Who can I write about content licensing? Automatic photo verification has been working incorrectly for over a year now.
I mean

  • Commercial Use: Not cleared
  • Editorial Use: Not cleared
    status for most uploaded photos on twenty20.


Please contact Twenty20 Help. Help Team will be happy to help.


I already wrote in their support with my issue. And unfortunately at the moment they cannot solve this problem. I will describe in more detail:

  1. Contributor uploads photos to twenty20
  2. Automatic photo verification system assigns license status to each image. At the moment, for reasons completely unexplained to me, verification system does not work correctly and the status is assigned to most photos:
  • Commercial Use: Not cleared
  • Editorial Use: Not cleared
    That is, such photos are not available for sale.
  1. A couple of years ago, in such cases, Twenty suggested filling out a photographer’s verification form, but in recent months their support has responded:

Thanks for reaching out and happy to help! Please note: We are not currently reviewing new form submissions at this time. We have a team dedicated to reviewing and clearing photos, but as you can imagine, there is a big backlog.

This problem has been around for more than a year, and many contributors complain in other forums. Unfortunately, there is no solution at the moment.

Hi, I totally agree with you. I have the same problem.

I have a similar problem and am very upset that this problem has been present on the photo stock for a very long time. A year ago, I noticed that many users of the site, who was my friends, have the status of “not cleared” on photos that have no violations and are also in great demand on other photo stocks. The problem of assigning the status of “not cleared” cuts off the author’s desire to work on this photo stock, turning the Twenty20 website into an ordinary gallery for photos without the ability to sell content.

I beg you to consider this problem. Thanks

I have had the same problem. I did get an email saying my verification is pending approval. It seems strange that T20 makes it difficult to get good quality content approved for sale. Maybe they are not interested.

same situation, but has a sales.
realy dont know yet how it works.

Hi everyone, I’m new here, but I have already come across the fact that my photos were complete “not cleaned” for sale, which makes it unnecessary to continue downloading. Technical support seems to be missing or busy with more important things, I get only formal excuses in return. I think this is not entirely normal.

Twenty Help is just a polite robot, but we came to this place to sell photographs, and not compete in politeness with bots

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