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Things are a bit chaotic as we get the new upload and editing tools ready. You can now upload through and items will appear in both PhotoDune and Elements.

Migrated content from T20 is being currently worked on so that you can access and edit them.

Thank you for responding. I have a lot patience, just happy to be heard.

Will my videos also go to elements, or do I need to apply separately for video on elements?

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You’ll need to apply separately for video on Elements :grin:

Each “store” has it’s own dashboard. On the Elements Dashboard, there is a pull down at the the top you can use to get to the Market Dashboard. But, it seems to always take me to ThemeForest and I’m not logged in. I have bookmarked my Elements Dashboard and my PhotoDune dashboard to find them easier.

I can see descriptions of my pending submitted photos on the PhotoDune dashboard but it doesn’t tell you anything except they are pending review. When they show up in my gallery, I know they were accepted. I turned on email notifications for rejections. (Under Settings on PhotoDune dashboard.)

Not all our photos were transferred from T20. I had almost 9K on T20. I only have a little over 4K here. HTH!


I still can’t see my portfolio on Photodune… so I am not sure what to upload… but I’m patient.

The only thing you will see in your photodune portfolio are your new uploads once they are reviewed and approved. (Can take up to 5 days after submitting them.) All your T20 images that transferred are in your Elements gallery. We still can’t see or edit them in the Manager yet.

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And if you are having difficulty finding your Elements gallery, it is here: TTStock-Photography - Envato Elements


Super Thanks… I couldn’t find him anywhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you didn’t get the email that Envato sent out with that link, you might want to check your spam folder for it and other emails. There have been several that help you use the site better. Glad to have helped!

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Anybody know, hidden item mean what? Thanks

They are the photos that we have submitted in the past week that were “hard rejected” by Envato. Mine also have some that originally transferred from T20 but where then removed from my gallery here with no explanation. All of them are eligible for commercial clearance and at at least one of them had sold REALLY WELL on T20, which means Envato is missing out on some revenue. Oh well, their loss. I’ll be uploading it elsewhere. HTH!


okay thanks for your help, I’m just like you… Upload to other platform :smiley: