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thanks a lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey MargJohnsonVA,

That brought me to my photos :grin: Now in September will I see something on this page about sales or is there whole other page we would have to go to track sales?

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Your dashboard to see your sales is here: (make sure you are signed in)

There are some sales listed now for July. But, if I understand everything correctly, they are not all your sales for the days listed because some data is still being transferred.

I was told that “In October, you’ll get a far more precise understanding of how much you should expect every month. Due to the subscriber share model. In September, you’ll be able to get a clearer idea of what your daily earnings will look like.”


For some reason it changes the link. :frowning: Let me see if this works. Dashboard


Hi! @MargJohnsonVA is correct - your Envato Author dashboard will only show earnings for those items while they were part of your individual Elements Author account.

Between now and September 4th, each new day of earnings will contain some licenses via your individual account (which will be shown on your dashboard), and some licences via twenty20photos. You’ll still be paid for those as normal, but they won’t appear on your personal dashboard.

After September 4th, each new day of earnings (showing the customer subscriptions started from Aug 1st onwards) will only include items licensed directly from your account - so your dashboard will show your full earnings amount for those days.

From October 4th, you’ll be able to see your first “full month” earnings on your individual account.


Ciao from Italy.

I’m also from Twenty20 and I really miss it.

I don’t like Envato Elements at all. Too difficult, too many rules etc. Twenty20 was really an easy-going format and it was nice to use it.

Let’s see how this platform will work after the migration period is over but I’m not so optimistic…


I see the payment for Twenty20 came through.

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Much lower, then I usualy gets

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You should receive your last payment next month. Mine was also lower than usual.

Yah, I also saw a significant reduction as well. but I also sold less images than prior months – about 300 less photos than I usually sell.

If I had an account on Twenty20, will I automatically have an account on Envato Elements? Or will my Tventy20 account be automatically deleted and that’s it?!

You will need to make a new author account for Elements.

but as? just register?

Yes you can register a new author account but there’s also a portfolio review process for photos before you are approved for uploading.

OK, thanks for answer! And what about files uploaded to Twenty20. Do I need to download them again?

All the photos that Elements wanted were transferred over already. You’ll need to upload (when the tools are made available) any items that are Elements quality for review.

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Hello! A few weeks ago I submitted an application for registration in Elements, but no one answered. Is there any point in waiting for feedback?

Why doesn’t “Item performance” match up with “Earnings” on the Dashboard for August. With no Twenty20 sales in August, both of these must be just from Envato Elements ??

I’ve sold 97 images so far in August 2022 and earned 8$…Because most of my photos are being sold for 0 and 1 cents…I don’t remember allowing my photos to be given for free, because this is what 0 cents mean…


Hello everyone.

I have arrived here, but I am very confused. If I search for my images on elements it looks like around 140 images from 1200 on t20 migrated here. I was also able to upload two new files and they were accepted.

Now I have uploaded more new files, but I cannot see the pending files anywhere. Nor can I see a library of my images.

i seem to be uploading via photodune, do these images then also show up on elements?

Will my videos from videohive show up on elements??? Or do I need to go through an additional step?

I also have an older video account and started uploading new content there, but again it seems to disappear into a black box.

Is there a central page somewhere where I can easily see all my files, accepted/rejected and the earnings of everything?

Thank you for accepting me and my humble port. I hope eventually I get the hang of how all this all works on envato.

ETA: Ok, I just understood I need to log into videohive to see my existing videos and to edit prices or descriptions.

So I need to bookmark 3 different author pages, one for videohive, photodune, elements? Is that correct?

And there is no central place to see all my earnings?

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