TweenMax / TweenLite boken on ios6

I’ve just upgraded to ios6 on my ipad3 and surprise the TweenMax engine is not working correctly anymore is like the tweens are not rendering correctly, anybody noticed this ?

Are you using the latest version of TweenMax?

iOS 6 Safari has a bug in it which is described here:

That was causing things not to refresh on the screen for a few seconds on initial page load even though the tweens were indeed changing the values appropriately. Safari was simply refusing to render things to the screen.

Please try updating to the latest version and if you run into any trouble, post in the GreenSock forums at We’re very active there and we’re committed to squashing any bugs that pop up.

Yes I did, it has nothing to do with that bug, basically if there is a interval running and some html elements are animating ( for example change the top of a div) the tweens are not updating, I really don’t know how to explain it but is really wired(the tweens freeze and when there is no more visual animations all the elements appear in their final position), with jquery animate is working fine.

Resolved and answered at: