TV Commercial Uses AudioJungle Song Without Buying It

I didn’t know where to put this… but wanted to bring attention to this tv commercial “MagicBox” used an AudioJungle song without purchasing it. I know this because you can hear the demo’s “AudioJungle” voice in the background (most clearly at 1:56-1:58).


I had a big client (Huawei) bought a film broadcast license for a tv commercial once. And when I saw their Youtube channel later, they uploaded the video commercial with audiojungle watermark on it!

Usually in the case like this the buyer already bought the license, but forgot to use the final rendered version to upload on their social media.
But who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:


I Didn`t know that clients could buy several licenses of the same track… I thought that this could be a mistake, then I waited the sale reversal or refund… but this never happened.
Sometimes I do jokes without bad intention… but it’s good to think before write… you are right.
My respect.

Don’t call buyers clueless. I think it’s you who are mistaken this time. :slight_smile:

Buyers frequently buy items multiple times if a single license doesn’t cover what they need.

I’ve had 10 extended licenses in a row from the same buyer at the same time. It was not a mistake.

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Yes I’ve had that a few times too. I figured they needed more than one licence for one track.

ops! sorry :frowning: I didn’t know this… apologizes.
well… now I feel bad,., sometimes I think I write without thinking…
sorry again