Tutsplus tutorials french translation request

Hello ,
I want to translate some tutsplus articles and don’t know what article to prioritize, so if you want me to translate any specific article just post the link here.

You can learn speak english.

I am working on that.

hi i am both fluent in french and english and i have a master degree in languages, i can translate anything for you if u wish , just let me know if u are interested :slight_smile: regards

bonjour je possède un master en langues avec une spécialisation en anglais , je peux traduire n"importe quel document , merci de me faire savoir si vous êtes intéressé , bonne journée et salutations distinguées :slight_smile:

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Hi @GoldFreind, thank you for being a part of the Tuts+ Translation Project! The best advice I can give is to translate whatever interests you; that way you’re more likely to enjoy the process of translation, and you’ll learn things as you do!

Also, make sure you’re signed up for the Translator Newsletter because we regularly send out lists of popular tutorials which we’d like to have translated. Bonne chance!

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Hi @n2n44, it would be great to have you involved (if you aren’t already!) Take a look at Join the Envato Tuts+ Translator Team for more information. Thanks :slightly_smiling:

hi no doubt that i will join and take part of the thing, as i am both loving design and languages , but honestly enough, i am just a bit sad that there aren’t that many rewards (i mean apart from self satisfaction and being pleased to help other people out) and that Envato did not think about some ways to reward people for spending sone time. They could have been thinking of adding a new badge or thinking of cancelling or reducing fees for people getting involved , that would have been beneficial and that you would have made it easier for guys to dedicate some time, not to mention that authors would have felt that they have a real interest for the community …

Thanks for your feedback @n2n44! It’s a surprisingly difficult problem to solve, but I absolutely agree that it would be good to get a solid reward system in place. There is a badge in the works (expect an update on that very soon) and I do think there’s potential for Tuts+ subscriptions or market credit, something like that. I’d like to see an improvement in the profile pages we give volunteers too. Anyway, rest assured that this is an issue we’re giving a lot of thought to!

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Hy @ianyates, I am interested in joining Tuts+ Translation Project, so how can I apply for it?

Hi @kholispress, all the information you need can be found here: https://tutsplus.com/translate-for-us Thanks!

@ianyates, am I must become an author first before join?


@kholispress no, that’s not necessary.