Tutorial: Working with audio in 3ds Max


Hey guys! Another Tutorial here!
An frequently asked question and no i want to share with you!
We first start by extending the timeline.
You need to klick on the little “Stop Watch” on the bottom right. (Picture 1)

(Picture 1)

(Picture 2)

Now you in the time configuration panel. (Picture 2)
Go down to "Animation"
There you can change the lengh of your animation. (For example, if your Song is about 20 secons use about 500 Frames)

After that, klick “OK” and now add objects you like. I start with a basic cube.

Picture 3

Now right click to your object, you want to move, and go to “Curve Editor” (Picture 3)

Picture 4

Now on the left side you can see your Objects parameters (Picture 4)
Now let’s say we want to rotate the Object by the beat of the music, go to “Y Rotation” and make a right click!
Just then go to Assign Controler => Audio Float. (Picture 5)

Picture 5

Now you are in the Audio Controller (Picture 6)

Picture 6

Now you can choose your song/sound. Now it’s important to rise the “Max” value!
This value depends no the song, for me works 25. Just try it out!
Now there should show up an waveform in the Curve Editor.
If you now hit play, the Cube will move with the beat.

But you don’t hear anything. That’s why we need to add an overall audio layer. Just back in the main Curve Editor (Picture 7)

Picture 7

Now double click on the word “Sound” (second one on the list, with the speakers on the left), and choose the same track as before.
Hit Play, you will now hear the music…

Here you go!
Have fun with this Tutorial! If you want to publish this Tutorial elsewhere, please let me know, you can contact me via Email! http://3docean.net/user/Matthias_
If you have questions, please let me know! Have a great day!


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Thank you!
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I am to tired to understand this at the mo but i will have to give in a go in the next few days.


Awesome tutorial Matthias! This looks like it could help many people, unfortunately I use Cinema 4D only. :slight_smile:


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Nice - thank you! I think this is one of those features of the program that is seldom overlooked or not even known to exist.
Great introduction :slight_smile:


This can be also translatet to modefires!

Jus aply an modefire to the object. Now go to the curve editor, and on the values of your Object (under rotation) You now see the value of the Modefire! Just right klick, assign controller, audio float, but in the audio and rise the max value!