Tutorial mp4 file has no sound.

Does anyone know how I get another copy of a tutorial file that has sound?
Author Balistique, Magazine Promo for Aftereffects. The mp4 tutorial file has no sound.

I would recommend contacting the author @Balistique directly if there’s an issue with their upload.

Have you tried the video in say VLC? A different media player.

Thanks for the reply. Yes have tried VLC does not work.How do I get the contact details of the author?

Go to the authors profile and you have contact field in the right column https://videohive.net/user/balistique

Thanks heaps, I will give it a go.

Or you can try installing codecs.

Yeah, I considered that. The OP should try installing the K-Lite codec pack or something like that… might do the trick. Although the very first thing that sprung to mind was that maybe the video doesn’t actually have any sound. You never know!