Tut + Non-functioning Link to Support Forum

Back to webdesign after long break - stuff changes a lot!

  1. Trying to find the Forum, the link in the template settings goes nowhere, says it’s not connected to Cloudflare, come back later and try again… a day wasted, it never worked, found the forum through ThemeForest only. What and where is the direct link?

2 I want to reach it because I need a tut or direction on how some websites seem to have full width background images, also a 960px content container… I don’t know how to do this,.

  1. The Coach Template demo I downloaded was not the same as the one on your website…it had different configurations that left out what I wanted to learn

4 In the one I did get, for the top section under the TOP part, which seems to have no name but would be where a slider is, the demos have a full width image except it blows it up out of proportion and most the image is missing. I tried all day with different sizes and moving the images in it, nothing worked. Is there a Tut to explain how to get the whole picture in and look right? Or can someone say wihat size to make it? The code referred to “cover” and putting dimensions instead didn’t work.