Turning the Couponer Theme into a custom android app.

Hello sir, i have purchased couponer theme now i want to make a custom android app for my website. I need live APIs for my website how to i get it?

Hey @vinerviraj,

@pebas is the author of that theme. I’ve tagged them in, they might be able to help you :slight_smile:

Since when theme author has anything to do with android and WP-API ?


Since the Author of that Theme might have encountered that question before and maybe can provide a better solution than just a link. :wink:

I tried it, but is not work properly



as i understand you need a api to interconnect your mobile app with your wordpress install right ?

if so please follow the steps.

In wordpress rest api can be accessed by using wp-json with your site url like


which triggers the Rest api to init

and you have to add your custom endpoints to get read,write,edit,delete the datas from wp.

For eg lets say i need to get a list of all post then you need to send an request to the below url


which returns all the post from wp.

for more information on how to use rest api please refer to



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Thank Brother


You are welcome :slight_smile:

WP RESTful API and themes are not related at all. And that link contains everything a developer needs to know about WP’s API. (you won’t start developing an android app without knowing how to read docs and use an API, makes sense, right ?)
I can tell you 100% that theme’s author will give same link with words “Sorry, not our business” :wink:

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Thanks Brother


You are right but i would rather prefer to provide a way path (Help them ) by providing some simple tips and the document link

rather than saying

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