Turn ten days. Attempt solutions .

I propose to reduce the number of loaded tracks to one. This will reduce the load on the test and time consideration.
Musicians will be able to analyze the trend better. The musician uploaded the five tracks and all of them took in the end, with five tracks he got 2 sales and that it was one and the same track, the others hang like a dead weight.

How it should work:
The musician filed a single track, it was approved for three to five days, the musician cannot load the next track. musician is watching how the market in relation to its material and makes the conclusion before writing the next track.
If a track is rejected, the musician can immediately load the next track.
With this method, musicians will not sit in anticipation of “Holy” approval for ten days, and will constantly work to improve quality, commercial value, and the market will not “overflow”.

Another suggestion. Add it here.
Envato lacks the social component. I propose to add the ability to add tracks 1-5 without checking the section “from the Author”. add to search this section. customers will be able to add a track to the basket. 50 additions to the basket (for example) the track is transferred to the store automatically when the condition that the track was added to cart real customers who have purchase the service. if the track was not purchased these people a track can be deleted as well automatically. So buyers will also participate in the definition of a trend, not Just a reviewer. I don’t think there’s going to be problems. Musicians come here to work and not to spoil the reputation of different things is not acceptable (not decent material, etc.) but you can add a variety of functions in this case.

The idea came spontaneously. Perhaps it is not finalized. I hope for your additions. Thank you.

How about this idea; every time you upload a new track, you have to DELETE an old one! (Only if you have a large enough portfolio, say 50 tracks or something…) - And you only have to delete a track if you have a track that is more than 1 year old, and hasn’t had a sale in the last year.

Just thinking out loud!

This option I offered last year. I don’t understand why Envato collects is not sold tracks. I wrote that “If the track is not sold by 3 months move it to a separate section where he will lay for another month and if it did not raise back shopping, then automatically remove”. I am very disappointed in the creativity Envato.

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How about authors stop re-submitting rejected tracks? That would have made a big difference I think.


That’s an interesting concept, also @ @EvgenM .

If something like this would be done, it would be great if that section gets also a good promotional spot on the website. Why? Because those tracks have actually also value, in terms of "get a sound, jingle, or track that is not already in thousands of other ads and videos."
This should actually have a higher value.

@BlueSkyAudio and @EvgenM - That really wouldn’t be fair. Old tracks do sell. I’ve had tracks sitting around for more than one year, even two, that have started selling and getting good attention. Promoting outside of Audiojungle works great for old items. What I usually do with really old tracks that have no sales is to try and update them, make radical changes. That worked for me every time and resulted in sales. So I say hold on to your old tracks, if you think they have some value, keep them updated for maximum quality, and promote them any way you can.

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The point is that we are not here to create “Immortal masterpieces”. people can write without stopping. in the end, the music flows without end stream. In my opinion it is not correct. For example: there are sellers with a portfolio of 250 - 280 items, while sales of 340… is this normal? About “PR” it seemed to me that this should be handled “Envato” in the end, I see the “advertising” of those who already in “top”. for that they get a percentage? also waiting for ten days. I write 5 tracks, waiting for ten days. in the end, they are not suitable. I spent the time, but if I wrote 1 track and 2-3 day learned that it is not suitable, the next track would have written in differently. just not everyone wants to understand the algorithm of my suggestions. and are skeptical about it.