Tunecore vs Identifyy

Hi. I’ve been working with identify for a long time, but they don’t search for YouTube Shorts, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (i.e. they are looking for, but you must first upload it to YouTube music, then provide them with a ISRC code, etc. …) It’s easier to immediately upload a TuneCore to the distributor (for example) and it will search everywhere, besides, the percentage is less 70% vs 80% (and also free).
My question is why don’t you use TuneCore? There are only 130 tracks from TuneCore on the stock.

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Probably because most tracks here are never intended to be distributed.

Also, it’s important to be able to have very tight control over clearing claims, since there will be lots of them. I don’t know how TuneCore handles that.

I have tried DistroKid, and clearing was easy, but it took a couple of days, which is really too long.

With AdRev, I can do it in seconds.

Where did you hear Identifyy don’t pay for shorts? I have gotten paid A LOT for shorts from AdRev, without ISRC codes being provided.

You are right about the ISRC codes though, it’s easier for that kind of tracking (and P.R.O. payouts) if it’s all connected.

But at least with AdRev, I can just enter the ISRC code when I upload (or change it after with an e-mail).

You should also connect the ISRC codes with your P.R.O. to get all the royalties from TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Identifyy support told me that I need the ISRC code for YouTube shorts.
About cleaning claims, you are right. I heard that they say that a couple of days on TuneCore, but that was a long time ago, maybe something has changed. Previously, there was no free plan.

Hmm, that sounds strange. Have you tried your own music in some shorts? To see if you get claims. I always test my own music to see what works, and what doesn’t. I get claims on shorts, and have gotten paid lots from other people’s shorts too.

But it’s only free for social media right? So if you want it on Spotify it’s the same as DistroKid. DistroKid will be cheaper if you release lots of music under many different artist names.

EDIT: DistroKid charge extra for Content ID, so it will not be cheaper if Content ID is included. Then it seems TuneCore is the better choice in terms of price. Service, I don’t know.

I have signed up for CDBaby, TuneCore, DistroKid, Identifyy, Audiam etc. to see what they’re like. So far, I’m just getting spam every day from CDBaby and TuneCore, which is a bit annoying… But haven’t released anything with them yet, if ever.

All-in-one solutions could be nice, but it MIGHT be better for overall control to use different services specialized in different areas. I’m not 100% sure myself here.