Tune up AJ profile


Hi guys, I want to know, in base of your experience, what tools is good for polish and tune up the AJ profile, I see a lot beutiful profile, and if you is owner the one of this, tell me how to do :wink:

Thanks to all


Hey bro. I’ve been asking on here for months and people just keep telling me the profile doesn’t matter. I tried to get someone to do it a while back, and she was no help. To answer your question, hopefully we can both find out from someone else! :joy::joy:


What do you mean with tune up exactly? Do you want a better looking logo / thumbnail? You want some navigation buttons on your profile?


I wouldn’t spend too much time working on the AJ profile. Sometimes less is more, just make sure you show what kind of music you make and link to your best items. Mostly other AJ authors visit other AJ profiles as far as I know. More important is to be visible OUTSIDE of AJ, and link to your items from YouTube, SoundCloud etc.

There are no “magic tools” I’m afraid, but you can always download some free photos and make nice buttons using HTML tables if you wish.

For my portfolio, which has become rather big and difficult to navigate, I’ve chosen instead to link directly to search pages. I just type in “stockwaves whistling” or “stockwaves ukulele” in the search field, click search and then copy the URL. Just make sure you have your username in the description and your items will show up. It’s also convenient to sort by sales so your best items stay at the top.


my question was how to do it nice and also functional :wink:


Thanks mate, this is pretty close to what I look, I do not use htlm, really very little (not quite understand), you recommend any website that can help me?


AJ filters the HTML so you can’t use much more than tables, images and links, but that actually goes a long way if you know what you’re doing. Start with making a simple 1x2 table like this:

        <a href="link to your item 1">
        <img src="link to your image 1">
        <a href="link to your item 2">
        <img src="link to your image 2">

More info about tables here: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_tables.asp



the Envatitor is a great tool to build your profile- and item-pages. (Thanks Xaver!)


You’re able to prepare the whole page and to try out new things without changing anything on the original page.
After it just copy the html to your profile or item settings. Perfect for beginners who want to start selling their items and not to cram web design.

Good luck with your process!


Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop and transparent PNG’s.


Thanks for this! I couldn’t figure out how some people were getting decent formatting before this. Tables!


Thanks a lot guys, with all this information we can make more beautiful profile !! :slight_smile: