TShirt Vector Design - Review

Hi! I uploaded an item, it was under review but it’s not showing anywhere anymore nor have I received an email saying if it was accepted or rejected, what do I do now?

Has been 3 days now with no answer.

If it’s not under “Hidden items” it’s probably rejected. You can enable the “item review notifications” on your account for the future cases.

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I did activate it, but is there a way to know if it was hard rejected and why?

Check your “Hidden items” section on the profile. If it’s not there, it’s hard rejected.
If it’s hard rejected, you probably get the “classic” rejection message. If you share the design here, we could post some comments.

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Collection Cover

As said on the title, it’s a T-shirt design. The 3 coloured lines are a part of my logo, could that be the reason it was rejected?

No, it’s not that reason. The reason is, it’s too basic. No offense but noone would pay for the item when they can get better ones for free on the internet.

You need to improve your design skills otherwise, you will be keep getting rejection till the time you give-up uploading.

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No offense taken, It was supposed to be a basic design but I get what you mean.

It’s indeed my first time designing a T-Shirt, I’ll look for inspiration and what sell / what doesn’t before I try again.

Thank you for your help!