Trying to Update Address - W8Ben Form Confusion

I am trying to update my address, so that any tax information is sent to my new mailing address. I am going through to resubmit my tax information, and going through this W8-BEN form but I cannot submit this form without filling out “Special rates and conditions (if applicable)”.

What on earth am I supposed to put in here? I am a sole trader, and resident of Australia. Any help would be appreciated.

Also I’m not sure why it is not possible to more easily just update my mailing address, but it is what it is.

Hey @KrucialAU,

Would you mind opening a Help ticket at so the devs can check it out? They don’t actively monitor these forums for such issues.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Will do, cheers :slight_smile:

Update: Ticket ID #1244419

Hello @KrucialAU

You can check this link

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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You are welcome :slight_smile: