Trying to understand reviews.

Hey, yesterday I send two Album Cover Templates and today they are reviewed. Both of them include a free model image but one is hard rejected.
And this is the comment from Envato Quality Team reviewer:

Remove the model image from inside the main file.

It doesn’t make sense because like I said both works including free model images.

Rejected item:

So why this is rejected but not the other one?
Approved item:


I think this is the reason: Envato discourage (most of the time not support and as a result soft reject) to use/provide preview images (original image) into purchased download instaed use placeholder. In case you provide original preview image then you have to provide proof of you have the right to use those images as like license and source credit.


There are proofs right to use image licences and sources in Main Files, I’ve just mentioned. :slight_smile:

as reviewer mentioned please remove model image from main download and provide psd files in main download. To run psd no need model image, right? Thanks

hi i am sorry but this cannot be the reason why the item was hard rejected … this is normally only breeding a soft rejection what u mention … i would personally say that - even if i know that this is not the reason because they usually like it despite this is completely diysfunctional - it could be about the texts spread everywhere in all directions so that users, once the item printed have ti turn the page around to see the information which makes no sense at all … but this is not …
i personally this believe that this may be due to some unrealistic element-related looks … splashes fro instance are very hard to explain , this is hard to understand why they are white and why they are where they are , it looks hard "to buy it"if u know what i mean … splashes are not coming from the model and it does not influence the color of them and they have no shadow either when they should if they are not from the model but from behind …
some texts are hard to read as there is a lack on contrats and thus u are violating a basic design principle
i would also say that the shadow of the eagle could be arranged a bit better if u ask me …