Trying to install the coaching joomla template demo file

So I am trying to install the full demo zip file that came with my template. I have installed the template on Joomla already. After days of trying to get hold of the author, he refers me to the document. I wouldn’t be asking if the document was written well.
Anyway, the document says unzip the file and proceed to the next step (which is just a screenshot).
My questions is unzip to where? locally on my laptop or hosting site. Secondly, how do I proceed to the next step.
Below are the first two steps I am referring to

Step 1

Step 2

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Please contact your purchased template author, template author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Did you not read what I said in my message. I have contacted him and he has not answered the question. He just referred me back to the document. Try reading the question and then answering correctly.

you should to ask all of your questions to your purchased item author. they are the right team to answer as they know best about their item functionaity. so, again reply them and ask your questions.

Simple solution would be extracting the files on the server. You can refer some YouTube videos and Joomla documentation if you’re trying to achieve the installation by on your own.

If you still need some help, you can always purchase a service from this link

Mate are you just not able to read. I have addressed that. Really you cant be that blind.
Envato I am really losing my patience with you. You do not support your customers. You hind behind policies. Read the question.

Please anyone other than a useless moderator wannabe answer. THE AUTHOR DOES NOT RESPOND. (Take note moderator)

Tried the server and nothing happens. This isn’t the temaplate. I got that working. This is the content/data for the demo version to run on my server. I will look at the services if I cant come right in the next day or two.

Thanks for a more useful answer

Your server may need configuration as well as you may some fixes depends on the item if it’s not up-dated

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  1. Hire someone to install it or
  2. Install yourself

Go to cpanel, create database, user, add user to database,
Go to root, upload zip, using cpanel unzip it.

Then go to follow all steps because you will need to add host, dB, user, pass and again follow steps.

In last step you will need to click to delete installation folder, you will see btn in final step for this

Clean cache and done.

Good luck


Thank you for help.

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If you need help, you can PM.

Thanks your last message got me on the right track and with a little tweaking I got it worked. There is a whole bunch of steps missing from the authors document.

Anyway something learnt today so i am stoked.

Thanks for your help.

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