Trying to get the data-filter to work for my gallery, need help. [resolved]

This template I purchased from KWST has a nice gallery feature. By clicking on the filters one can see only the thumbnails for that category. Problem is, if I try to change the code to match the categories I want, also changing the code at the particular item (thumbnail) to match, the function of the page breaks (rearranges the thumbnails, and, the footer becomes stuck in the foreground).

Is this code also corresponding to a js script that I also need to change?

Website is live (see Portfolio):

Also, I don’t know if I can paste raw code here, can I or does it need bbc formatting?

I may have solved the mystery. I decided to check to see if the quote marks were changing when I changed the word, in “.interior” for instance. When I type in a new word the program I am using seems to be substituting either a different font, or making it italic. Whatever the case, if I copy the correct " " it appears to work properly.

To be clear, in the upper highlighted area I change the category, then in the lower highlighted area I insert the same word used in the category, making sure the quote marks are the same as in the original code.

Example of the quote marks changing:
The upper line I changed the text next to the quote marks (http and simpletwig/) resulting in the quote marks changing font or something.
The bottom line is how the quote marks should appear.

This error wasn’t the result of the author, but I believe the Text Edit program I am using to edit the code. It’s annoying to have to copy/paste the correct quote mark every time I had to change the text, but in the end everything works now.