Trying to find Blank Theme (Visual Composer)...Have tried to get rid of title uneffectively

I am new to Wordpress and WPBakery for Visual Composer. I am trying to get rid of (new title) type on the left side of my blank theme. I used Underscores but it still has some type on the page… I want to create a full page Paralax however; the title stands in the way… I simply can’t find the script ( believe me I have tried) to get rid of it. Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

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I also use wpbalery title my page :frowning:, someone know it? please help me thanks.

Have you tried adding content - might make that go away if there is an image etc.

Yes, I have and it stays above the image…no matter what…Wondering if there is another theme you can suggest
that does not have a title…

I’d ask the author - it should be simple enough to remove. Does the section in VC have a ‘title’ field? Sometimes these messages can be triggered by fields being left empty

I think it has more to do with the theme and that is a great idea…I will contact the theme authors and see what they say. I can also try to 0 em out the field…Maybe that will work as well.