Trying to do the best :)

Hey, hello everyone! I have been writing music for a long time, but only now I see good results and the acceptable quality of my work. So I want to share my work with potential buyers on AJ. I chose the exclusive! Previously, my tracks were not accepted, there was a letter about quality / mastering / mixing mismatch. It was difficult every time to get a refusal for the tracks of different genres, but soon I noticed that my tracks sounded deaf and quiet. Well, thanks to the team Envato for the fact that I raised the quality of my tracks to a new level!


Its really nice feeling to try to do my best, to be the best!

It’s Great! You live and learn) I think most of us find it difficult! But the important thing is to believe in yourself :wink: :v:

This is the sense of all… learning, growing, sharing…
Congratulations for being so positive!