Trying to change domain associated with a\purchased theme!

We finished building our website using the OnAir2 theme we purchased on Themeforest. We were using one site to build/develop and now need to transfer it to the domain name and new hosting. However, I can’t login in to make a request to the helpdesk as directed, and I can’t find a way to actually communicate with a real person! I’m not sure which account name I’m supposed to use, the one we used to purchase on Themeforest? That didn’t work when I tried to login. I tried a an email that I thought was connected to the account and that didn’t work either.

I can see our purchase code at the bottom of our OnAir 2 webpage we build, where it is telling me I need to contact the helpdesk.

You need to use the purchase code to register here OnAir2 WordPress Theme Support – Qantumthemes Support

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Thanks - I had found that link before I posted and I locked myself out from the Login and Register options but I believe I’ve got the email and password confusion sorted. I’m hoping that it will reset sometime soonish so I can attempt to create a ticket. I just wish you could actually contact the poorly named ‘helpdesk’ (lol) without having to login to your blasted account first.

I’ve got the purchase code all day…

Hi you can contact the author quite easily through this link here:

Normally any other person can login to their own themeforest/codecanyon account so login into that, check your downloads, and go from there.

Thanks! I was able to contact the author and they responded.

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