Trying to add cell spacing / margin around mason gallery homepage

Hey guys, I have a very customized version of Keres theme which is no longer supported
basically i just kept adjusting the cSS til the website looked the way i wanted

im having trouble getting a border space around all images on the mason gallery on the homepage

tried adding pixels to margin left and margin top but it only worked for the top
not the left please help


you can hire a freelancer from envato studio

he will help you to solved your issue.


you can use this css:
#photo_wall_wrapper .wall_entry .portfolio_img {
max-width: calc(100% - 10px);

Hi, Can I ask if you are still using the Keres Theme? I am having problems with the changing the running order of the images in any gallery, using drag and drop system. It lets me pick up the image, but as soon as I try to pull it to a lower or higher order in the gallery, I get a big blue bar !! Any help you be grateful. Many thanks.