Try to get to the top!

Hi Everyone:)

I was on this site a few years ago but stopped writing music. This month, I created a new account and decided to try it out. Has collected 13 sales already, and I hope to get to the top of the new authors.
What do you think about this? I will be glad to any advice about my production and promotion.

Success and good luck with sales to all of you!



Just work hard and keep uploading!

by the way, in case of you’ve already been author here so why are you a new author? Do you think is it possible to get the top of new authors?


You know, New account is Like new life =) Only for good music and good quality. Yeah i think its possible i dont make 2nd account i just make new. Top is for new accouns too
just look at 6th place on top in the description he has a link to his 2nd account. I dont upload few years and my music was so bad . So i make new accound like new brand

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I wish you creative success!

Thanks mate;) Wish you the same!

Thanks! See ya in top)