Try to complete W-form

Hello, I’m from the Netherlands and I try to complete the W-form, but I don’t know what to fill in under “Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits”, in the field “Article and paragraph (reference Other)”.

I’ve tried “26(5) HQ, 26(5) Shipping” with and without quotes, with a number only and a few other variations, but I keep getting “Invalid other value”.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Netherlands is article 13(1) see here:

Yeah I found that one, but the error is given on "Article and paragraph (reference Other):

Looked in the PDF and there it states “26(5) HQ;26(6) Shipping” for The Netherlands. Also tried them, but no success.

Is it necessary that you register as a company?
Register as an individual and you must only state that you claim beneficials from article 13(1)