Trustworthy Buyers

woocommerce themes with multi vendor plugin (Dokan) support are available. Buyers visit site, select products, pay amount and send orders. Seller dispatch product on buyers address. This is general scenario and is fine. Some examples of such themes are emarket and electro

The above scenario is fine which is dealing with general users but there are lots of trust worthy buyers who want to see products at first than purchase. they select products from product lists and send list to seller with request to send selected products. Because they are regular buyers so sellers happyly deliver products with invoice. Buyer select all or some of them.and send final order.

I want a plugin to use with above mentioned themes that accommodate all functionalities of trustworthy buyers like buyers portfolio, product selection, invoice generation, product delivery with out payment, final selection, order generation, payment etc.

I highly doubt something with that level of data management and configuration exists out of the box and almost certainly you are going to need a custom build.