Trusted Update still not working?

I updated one of my WP theme and until now (its been 2 days) not yet approve? What happen? any idea? thanks

yes, it seems to me it hasn’t come back to normal, I made an urgent update for 10hours ago. No response yet!
@BenLeong @matthewcoxy

Usually if on “Review Turnaround For ThemeForest” says 2 days it actually 3 day. My experience says it all because everytime I submitted an updated it was like this. The same for new submissions and resubmissions.


This is different mate, this is for normal review.
Trusted Update Privilege means you get a trusted account and you can make trusted update which is approved almost immediately right after submission without the review from the reviewer…

Update: try to do it again and get this “Validation failed: A Trusted Update is already being processed for this Item”.

Yes when you have trusted update it should be approved in less than 1 hr or not more than 24hrs… Am I going to re-upload it or just wait the message approval? any suggestions? thanks

same problem. almost 3 days waiting for a Trusted Update. Not posible to re-try because system says there is already one update in process

Same problem. Waiting from 1 day for a Trusted Update.

Tweeted and they guided to open a support ticket :

Note: Submitted a support ticket.

Hi Folks, sorry about this. It appears that Trusted Updates submitted during the upload incident got stuck. Our developers are aware. Please submit a Help ticket and we’ll get your account fixed ASAP!

Apologies for all the recent inconveniences surrounding updates!


Submitted. Ticket id is 640646.
Please, take a look.
Thanks in advance.

Your ticket and all the others we get will be handled with the utmost priority!

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Trusted Update still not working here. 1 UPDATE pending for 3,5 days, and another 1,5 days.
Made 2 reports in the last 48 hours and nothing happened

Hi @parenz
Please check this ticket: 640849
I have the same problem and it’s important for me!

My ticket 640851

Please check my ticket also -> 640864 thanks

Already 4 days pending review for TRusted Update. 2 days for another one.
I got a ticket 2 days ago but nothing happened.
Any solution coming soon ?

Support team fixed it for me.

works fine on me also :slight_smile:

just got approved few hours ago but I don’t know it will effect to resubmission items?
Our resubmission items has been queued for more than 4 days @parenz so how do you think of the root cause. This is because of upload issue or quality turn around review time? It seems to me that the turn around review time is decreasing so this should be the upload issue. Could you pleas let the in-charge team check again this issue?