Trusted Update Approval Qestion

Hi, I just finished an update in one of my templates.
The update clearly doubled the project capacity (was 12 scenes and now it is 22 + 228 animated icons were added, no icons were included before)
My question is:
If or how the fact that the update was approved with “Trusted Update Approval” affected the possibility to increase the items price.


Did you leave a note for the reviewer asking for a price increase? I think if you add a note to the reviewer it should go into the queue instead of Trusted Update.

I described in detail what’s included in the update, :ok_hand: But I did not request the price increasment never did that in the past. Not sure what I did Wrong or if it’s not my fault at all!

You didn’t do anything wrong, just ask for a price increase. Some Authors prefer to add to their items but not increase the price (within reason).

Maybe you are right, I will include my price request in my V.3 update!