Trust Issues

How can Elements authors be sure they receive all money earned from their items? There are too many variables to calculate the $ per download. And none of them is available to the authors. I don’t blame the Envato team for anything. But theoretically, with such a business system, authors can be paid any amount of money that platform owners wish. And no one will prove or even notice the miscalculations. Are there some regulators that monitor the activities of such companies and their algorithms? Or the whole thing is based on pure trust?

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You would need to ask support for insight into things like this Envato Author Support

For what it is worth I am certain that envato can be trusted to be handling this legitimately, as records and numbers will most likely exist even if this is not made public e.g. to calculate earnings would require envato sharing numerous authors’ private info to everyone, preventing them from doing this.

I understand you as a moderator cannot give a different answer, but Envato has shown lately that he cares about nothing but his own profits… based on that trust is a sensitive matter and anything can be done whenever you want only this is not in the interest of the Envato because the authors would see how little they earn.

MOD or not, as is the case with several other thigns that envato are criticsed for, this is just not realistic.

I can appreicate that there have been lots of unsettling changes recently, and can entirely appreicate why authors (and buyers to an extent) might be nervous. However they are a multi million $ global organisation who would not last long if they were intentionaly ripping off users.

Watching for years how long I’ve been here various changes that Envato is introducing and I can only say my earnings never increased after the same, who benefits then from these changes I as an author certainly do not.
Earnings have fallen enormously, there are so many posts on the forum on that and no one from staff tried to give any concrete answer, it is just one proof of how important authors are no matter how many millions they weigh.
Personally as an author I don’t feel any support from Envato to blindly trust them.

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