True Themes, Where are You?

Hello friends,
I’ve been trying to reach True Themes for 2(two) weeks now, and I’ve not gotten any response from them.

The reason I want to reach them is because I want to ask a Pre-Sales Question because I buy their Theme called “Noize”.

This is the link:

But sadly, after 2(two) weeks, I’ve not gotten any response from them.

If they are no longer active, and maybe they are no longer developing and supporting the Theme, it makes sense that they should be taken down, rather than allow them waste customers’ time.

Their non-response makes me afraid that–if I buy their Theme and get stuck somewhere, they may not even be available to respond to my questions.

I sent them an email to the only email address I could find and it came back negative: the mail was not delivered.

I’ve tried to reach them on Facebook and messenger, and I’ve gotten no response.

Please, can you tell them to get back to me?

Best Regards.

Have you tried to write to them in a comments section?

Or via contact form on their profile?

Please always use official channels to get in touch with authors. Don’t try to reach them via social media or some email address which may no longer be active.

I’m tagging that author who’s name is @TrueThemes

Thanks so much. I’ve written to them through the Contact Form on their profile, more than 4 times.

The place where I strongly agree with you is the Comments section. This part didn’t even cross my mind. I will write to them through the Comments section right away.

Thanks for enlightening me on this.

Try it. If you won’t hear from them then I guess you should move on to a different theme.