Trouble with the FTP

I just uploaded yesterday and today the FTP is not working. I’ve tried the site troubleshooting but no luck so far. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

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You can check these article about Envato FTP upload process

New Helpful thread about Envato FTP

Hoped Help!

Getting exactly the same error messages here.
FTP seems down today. :frowning:

Let’s tagging Envato Engineer Team Member @rosssimpson hope he will help you out from your issue.

“your issue” ?

Make you clear about that error message
Hope you understand?

Hi guys! I have the same error:
“GnuTLS -110 в gnutls_record_recv: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.”

Already there is some solution?

Same problems :disappointed_relieved:

The same error code here.
A few days ago everything worked just fine.

Also experiencing this issue.

not today … i have uploaded an item a few hours ago without using the ftp and it worked well

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I just tried it again, nothing has changed…
Any luck you guys?

Hey man, thanks for those but I am pretty familiar with the upload process. I just successfully uploaded a product 2 day ago and it worked… I am not sure what’s up…

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Hi @danielkalves i’m not sure about @johnnybd problem he facing FTP uploading error in that case i have tagging @rosssimpson Envato Engineer Team Member.
May be he can solved johnnybd problem.

Any updates? I am starting to get worried about this…

Nope. All day problems with accessing the server via ftp.

clearly english isn’t your first language, @unlockdesign
However, pretty sure it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it wasn’t only my problem.

EDIT: Its not working fine here now, problem has changed.

Can connect without the GnuTLS error But files disappear after uploading and refreshing!

i also got the same issue

Hey @johnnybd what did you do to solve the problem? I am still getting the same error msg…

I have the same problem, FTP does not work.