Trouble with making a Template

Ok so, I’m just gonna get into it. I have this Control Comp:
And you know, it’s all working just fine. But when you type something quite long, this happens:
I know that you can simply scale it down, but the point is that the user can type whatever he wants and not having to worry about those kinds of stuff. Is there a way I can make the scaling automatic? Like, the size of the text to get smaller when there are more letters.

Sometimes, such moves are useless.

If you want to make it with controls - just create Control Layer with slider which will control size of text layer (via scale).

you can find number of letters and scale down text based on this info.
but its has some problems: iiiii = 20px wwwww= 80px etc.

if you are using AE CC2014+ you can easily find length of all words in pixels and scale down more correctly (google it). but is it so important for this template? much better and faster to create expression control (slider) and scale text manualy.

Thank you so much guys. I’ve decided that it’s just too much of a hassle - even the very beginner should be able to scale down text. I just made a video tutorial in the project to make sure the user does not stumble across problems.
Now let’s hope my item gets approved. :grinning:
And again, thanks for helping me out. I love this community. :slight_smile: