Trouble with Journal 3 Blog

I’m having troubles with Blog layout in OpenCart 3, Journal theme, as by opening the Blog page the content of the home page is shown together with the blog posts below, instead of Blog Post only.
I have followed the instructions in the Journal documentation page(, yet it is not changing anything.
There is no Layout where I could set the layout of Blog page. :choke:
However, I have noticed that something went wrong by Journal Installation as the Journal blog didn´t automatically created two new layouts in Opencart > Design > Layouts Blog and Blog Post. Is the cause of the problem? :o

Second question, after installing Journal theme in The Extensions/Extensions/Extension List the number of themes were 2, yet the number of Modules stayed the same (26). Is this OK, or something went wrong during the installation process?

How can I solve this issue?
Thank you in advance!

Best, Katja


Please contact your purchased theme Author through Support for Journal page and let them know. your theme Author will assist you.