Trouble uploading photos

I want to know if there is any problem or error with the upload system for photos
I have been sending photos without problem, although since yesterday, I uploaded a batch of photos, and although the green check appears to be sent for review, the lower SUMIT button does not appear, it only appears DELETE

I can’t upload photos. It lets me put the full description, and it approves that the photo meets all the required information, but it doesn’t let me upload it

I am not a photo author and I have no experience at all with uploading photos but there is alert “16 photos to fix” and photos are marked with orange “!” - probably that is what you need to fix.

Look in the bottom left hand corner. It says you have 0 submissions left. We are only being allowed 200 submissions per 30 days. You have to wait for the 30 days to be up to get 200 more submissions.


It is true. I had read it somewhere, and forgot about it. The truth is that I think that for photographers, being able to upload only 200 photos every 30 days is very little. A session of mine can give up to 60 or 80 photographs that can be salable. Also, for those who start, and have a lot of material saved, it is a very low amount.
Thank you very much for helping me clarify what was going on.

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I agree it is a rather small amount. Were you on Twenty20? There were some photographers there that we uploading 1000s at a time and choking the system for hours which prevented the rest of us from uploading. I wonder if that is what they are trying to prevent with all the T20 photographers moving here.

Hi, You need to check images sizes, All images need to green check mark. Some images are issue maybe file size or resolution.

Turns out Envato only lets you upload 200 photos. Something that is absurd when you have to re-upload your portfolio that you had in Twenty20, or when you have sessions that generate a lot of material. The issue is that I have 20 days waiting, they reassign the quota to re-upload photos. Assuming he’s reassigned to me.

Resulta que Envato solo te deja subir 200 fotos. Cosa que es absurda cuando tienes que volver a subir tu portafolio qué tenías en Twenty20, o cuando tienes sesiones que te generan muchísimo material. El asunto es que yo tengo 20 días esperando, me reasignen el cupo para volver a subir fotos. Asumiendo que me lo reasignaran.

30 days after you upload photos, you will get the same number of submissions again. So if you upload 10 today, in 30 days you get 10 available submissions again. If you submit 50 tomorrow, 30 days later you get 50 available submissions. If you submit 200 all in one day, you have to wait 30 days to get them all back again. Make sense?