trouble uploading Lotus Minimal Theme


Hi I have been trying for 3 days now to upload my newly purchased Lotus Minimal theme with no luck?

Can anyone help?




Hey @mooeydesigns

Can you let us know a little more about the problems that you’re having? Are you getting a specific error message? What stage in the process are you at?

Let us know and we might be able to help you further.


Hi Matthew

I am not getting any error message. When I click upload it just sits on that screen thinking, then eventually times out and goes to a blank screen.

I cleared my browser history, tried unzipping and zipping……

I have previously downloaded a different theme (Foodica) but now changing to yours



Hey @mooeydesigns

That sounds very bizarre! I’m tagging in @elusivethemes, the author of the theme, who might be able to help troubleshoot the issue you’re having.


Hi Matthew

Thanks, it does seem bizarre! I use Wordpress themes all the time and have never had an issue.

I have tried at different times so it’s not my internet speed, is there a setting on my internet I should check to see if it’s stopping it?




This is the screen I get after it times out




I am the theme author. Please can you create a ticket at and I will be more than happy to help you install the theme and get it setup correctly.

@matthewcoxy Thanks for tagging me.