Trouble updating Pindol theme

Several years ago I got Pindol Theme (versión 1.0.1) by Muffin Group.
Nowadays I need upgrade my web, but when I get PHP 7.0 or newer my web crashes.
What can I do?

  • You can keep the PHP as 7.4 to continue using the theme.
  • You can ask the item author to update the theme
  • You can change the theme
  • You can get some support ( paid support ) from a freelancer to get the theme updated ( I’m available )
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Thanks for your answer.

Thanks for your answer.
I can’t apply PHP 7.0.
In muffingroup it isn’t possible to get an updated Pindol Theme, that’s why I asked the Forum

If the author is not proving support/update, you should consider other options. Noone is going to perform an update ( fix ) for the item that belongs to another author for free.

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@ki-themes has answered your questions regarding the Pindol Theme. It’s an out of date theme, and as ki says your best option is if you want to keep the theme, then you need to pay a freelancer to do this for you.

Yes, I konw.
I only want to know if is it possible to upgrade to a newer version, and where can I get it
Thank you

Check Download section on your account and go to the item details. If there’s an update, it’s there ( where you downloaded the item for the first time )


To me it looks like the author does not sell any updates for the Pindol Theme, but you should consider using their

Which seems to be the main one that replaced the Pindol

Thank you again