Trouble editing "Testimonials" section of Bitfade - Power Elite Author" theme

Can anyone help me find out how to edit the “testimonials” section that is under “WHAT’S THE BUZZ.” on my website: They are Twitter links and I can find where to edit them!


Get the help from the item author if it’s purchased from ThemeForest:

If not, check the documentation.

I tried that. Their Support Forum goes to a broken link and I tried to email them weeks ago. Not sure what options there are. This is the theme page: bitfade's profile on ThemeForest

They don’t have active profile on ThemeForest as they may be only selling at Elements but the items you have downloaded/purchased from Elements are not supported by the item author.

You need to check the documentation carefully or find a solution on your own unless you’re willing to pay extra for the support by a freelancer ( I’m available for paid support if you’re interested in )

Yes, I would pay you to just find this “testimonials/twitter links” area so I can edit it.

You can contact me via this link, I’d be happy to help you.

I went to link and send email. Let me know who to send support request details to.

Already replied.