trouble downloading a purchased file

I am new here. I have had a lot of trouble on my Windows 10 desktop getting to even download my purchased file. I bought Parallax Media Opener and really was excited about it.

My computer is defaulting to Microsoft Windows trying to download it and of course that is a problem.

The After Effects software is not responding to the file because I can’t get it unzipped. It shows as downloaded on my computer but that is actually attached to Windows.

Any ideas for helping me get this thing unzipped so I can get to work on this project…

Sounds like the download did not complete, or was corrupt so you aren’t able to extract the file. Have you tried deleting the file, and re-downloading it? Can you please provide a link to the specific file you’re having trouble with so we can check it out?


I am trying to download and unzip this file…

It looks like it actually downloads to my computer but Microsoft tries to unzip it and can’t. I don’t understand why the After Effects program will not unzip it and read it.

Shows up on my computer as 19,437 KB for size while in a zip file

I have repeatedly deleted it and downloaded it again.