tropical house. H. R.

What does this track need?

What about removing the very loud “ocean” like background? I use myself some hiss/tape/vinyl or ambience noises in my productions, but not so loud ! This would be a cause of rejection if I was the reviewer I guess.

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Noise? Well I think if it was just that the track got “soft rejected”. Maybe something else?

Hello, I would really want to help but I don’t know how to explain well because of my English, but I will try to do my best
if I were you, for example, I would change completely the drums, not the arrangement, a better kick and clap or snare, or even a snap, or increase the volume, . otherwise sound beautiful for me, you have done a nice job
I hope it helps
Good luck with your next submission

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I think that the melody that is made from the voice needs to be made lower volume and add more reverb. Good luck.

oh, when I said “removing” I meant “lower”. Don’t remove this background, it is nice, but too loud to my ears.

not sure what voices you are talking about?
or maybe this is the wrong thread and you were answering something else :slight_smile:

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@frozenjazz @SprodMusic
Is that better?

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Did you just wish yourself good luck? :smiley:

This is me giving advice to myself)

alright , now can you remove or reduce the sound of the white noise ?

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