Trophy business and custom product designer

Wondering if a developer out there can assist with the custom product designer on my trophy page:

I am going for a look similar to these pages:

I have the plug-in installed and have created a configuration. Unsure why it isn’t showing up. Here is the page: and I have it for a few soccer products, including the soccer spinning figure.

Hoping there is a bulk configurator or a developer willing to lend expertise.


My suggestion is to redesign whole site. Because it looks outdated it is not responsive.
If you want I can give you offer for new site which will be more attractive and professional look and I will make and custom product designer .

You can contact me here.


Hi caltrophy1

Just had a quick - very quick - look at the source code on your page and I don’t see anything unusual there are no errors showing :slight_smile: - that’s good.

Which/what is the plugin name? because it may just be something simple - usually is. Is the plugin actually compatable with your version of WordPress and / or even with the theme? I say that because I ‘feel’ the theme may be an old one - simply from the design and therefore may not have ‘more modern plugin’ compatability.

Happy to take a look etc but without more info slightly difficult to point you in the right direction.


Sure, what would be your quote? I would like to see examples of your work.