Tricking you

An item now is trending even if it makes like 1 sale in 3 days. This market looks kinda dead, thoughts?

Hello @Giallo

It may trending not because of sale but because of more traffic and visit of item.

Thanks :slight_smile:

one item goes trending only when it has a certain sales x day ratio, and I think they lowered the threshold a lot to have some file trending

This is incorrect. There are several metrics of activity factored in the Trending algorithm. Page views and comments do play an important part. There have always been trending items with no sale whatsoever.


true I thought it was just a matter of sales, anyway my feeling is that threshold is a lot lower now for Graphicriver and I don’t understand the "trending " mechanic anyway.

Take for example the Add-Ons category in graphicriver then select “trending”.

The first 4-5 raws might be trending and cool but then you have a lot of not good stuff and not trending at all.
Maybe is just what comes up when I search, and it changes for everyone, let me know what you see and if you have an idea why those items got in the first page of the trending category add-ons.