Triangle neon gallery - Hard Rejected - Feedback Needed

This project was hard rejected.
Can we get advices how to improve our products in furture?

Kind Regards

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So first of all props for presenting an original concept and idea (or at least I haven’t seen something like this before). Now the problem I’m having is that you chose to go with a triangle pattern throughout your design, but the photos have a rectangular shape.

Now I know that you were going for a ‘real life photo’ look, but it doesn’t really add up with the theme of the project, triangles. Should’ve either had triangular photo frames, or if you wanted to keep rectangular frames, you should’ve gone with a straight grid-like pattern for the neons.

You were going for something more dramatic with the color correction, but the neon theme usually implies bright, vivid colors. So when you use a neon idea, and then desaturate it so much, it creates a rather ‘weird’ vibe to the project. People are used to seeing colors when it comes to neon style. Either way the color correction is too much. Unless you’re going for a flat title design, you are probably always better to have a bit of color variation in your project, especially for 3D scenes.

As a last idea, I think some “sparks particles” could’ve been added as atmosphere element, neon & sparks can go very well together, if done right.

Also, the text holder design is a bit ‘lazy’. It should be implemented somehow with the camera movement.

Alright, that’s my 2 cents. Good luck next time :slight_smile:

Hi Voxyde,

First of all thank you for time you spent on writing review.It is really usefull to get feedback from elite author like you are.

Ironically envato reviewer found that originality is main problem in this project.

> We receive a lot of slideshow templates, and therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects. Because there is so much competition in this genre, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional design quality and execution. Unfortunately, this project does not offer much new, nor provide an outstanding visual quality that would over-perform those projects we already have.

Good point.We had 2 ideas and 2 ways to choose…First one was to create chomium triangle frames with triangle decoration and second one was to use hanging photos. We decided to go with hanging photos, we believed this solution has more aesthetic value.Now we see we probably made wrong decision.

Good point.Thank you!

Good idea.Thank you

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