Trendsetter and Winner Badge

Hi everyone,

yesterday I won a prize in Envato and PixelSquid contest (link) - as Runner-up and Best Typography. So I took a look at community badges on Envato to check what are the requirements for the winner badge. I assume, that only a “Grand Prize” receive this badge?

I also have a question about Trendsetter Badge. Some time ago, in April 2015 my newly uploaded file (link) was Trending for a few days (had this blue sign with “Trendsetting” text on it), but I didn’t receive Trendsetter Badge. Why?

Thanks for any help, I try to understand these badges rules :smiley:


For some reasons, Envato decided not to award the winners of that contest with that badge. See the Prizes & Judging section in the announcement.

This post from the old forums explains it all.

p.s. congratulation for winning two prizes :smile:

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Oooh, I see…
Thank you for this explanation, it’s all clear now :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling:

Hello and congratulations again, @ejanas! Yeah, only the grand prize winner typically wins the Won a Contest badge. They’re highly sought, that’s for sure!

Many thanks to @OsamaSayegh for explaining about the Trendsetter badge. Judging by your skills and portfolio though @ejanas, I imagine it won’t be long until you unlock the Trendsetter badge with another of your items. Best of luck! :star:


Thanks @scottwills! I hope one day I unlock this badge, and Winner badge maybe… :smiley: We’ll see!
And thanks again for a great contest, i had a great fun :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

ho for me it looks strange that u did not get you badge unless u had before the whole thing started to be rewarded with a badge … as for me i had tons of them before they started to offer a badge for it and also did nit get it in the first place , i only got it after i had another trending item and that the rewards started to be given for this …

You’re right, that’s strange…
Well, I hope I’ll get this badge when I have another trending item :slight_smile:

no doubt about it , u can rest assured, u will :wink: