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Hello all :wink:

I have such a simple question, do you think there is currently a demand for Drum and Bass music ?

If you have any songs of this genre in your portfolio, how good did it sell?

what i can see, on aliexpress there are lot of headphone ads that use this kind of music.

I often get directions on what music I can make by watching ads and tv shows… so if a genre you like appears in adverts, go ahead!

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AJ is such a big market that every genre has its buyers, also dnb. The question is “how big is demand” and “how universal dnb track can be”. In my opinion medium/small demand and medium/small universality of average dnb track at this moment :slight_smile:

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Here are my tracks of Drum and Bass genre. I have written few such tracks so far, so it’s too early to talk about sales statistics.

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@LOiME @RedOctopus @MarscottMusic

What do you guys think, is it “ok” for audiojungle or i wasting my time?

and thank you all for your earlier comments about the topic :wink:

Hard to say. Its a good track. I would not upload it exclusively to Audiojungle

Thanks for the answer, We will see what I will do next with this track :wink:

BTW: Today I have a hard day, all the time I have the impression that I have cutted too much medium frequencies during mastering :joy: and I am unable to determine whether it is worth trusting my ears or software (which indicates all parameters perfectly) I can not stop thinking about it, I hate these :sweat_smile:


It sounds fine to me, maybe a wide 0.5dB boost around 700-800hz could work well, but voice over probably is going to work better like it is now

Very cool sound!

Thank you, I think we have some kind of automated promotion bot here :joy: @Glenn323