Trending item. Funny.

I published a new product a week ago, got about 900 unique visits with 0 sales, but my item is trending ))) Very funny, first time faced with such situation .)

Trend depend on most visitor also not only sell.

I know. This is ridiculous, because in most cases I have to get one sale at least, based on my previous experience.

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I saw this at Themeforest Platform also.
Keep patience hope you will getting sell soon.

Good Luck :+1::+1:

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as we know Trending Item based on a mathematical term of Visit rate, exit rate, bounce rate,…
and also we know in sorting we have Best Seller, Best Rating, …
So, Trending Item sorting is not related on Sale. Trending is current visitors activity performance sign.


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You should rethink your item page to say the least :slight_smile: I’m not going into the product and its market :wink: Thanks!

be patience

Thanks, I’ve first sale )))