Trending but goes down in search 🤔

My item is trending after i upload until today.

When searching “instagram story” it came at #10 at rank. But today suddenly it went to #13 from #10. The reason i don’t understand.

Because my item still trending. Who know why it can happen? What is the reason of sudden going down on search?

It becomes less trending =)

Trending label isn’t that much valuable pin. Item can be trending without even a sale.

It’s just page views and comments.
Overall be prepared to that number of sales will be less and less over time. +you’ve got into over saturated category

Thank you very much for this valuable information :pray: I didn’t know this category is so much oversaturated. How to know which category is not over saturated?

You can search and look by yourself :slight_smile:
Instagram stories are worth uploading with 100+ stories pack to have good sales.

As an author my opinion Trending status is always changable and it’s not fixed. So, any item can get Trending status and also can remove Trending status at any time. Also different criteria as like ratings, sales etc are also factor for search result and any item search position can be up/down based on time.

But i see you uploaded “Instagram Stories” too. Then why? :slight_smile:

I’m agree with you. I think main thing in videohive is not quality. It is the presentation. Because i see only presentation works great if the item not that great. But other great items which have not good presentation have poor sales.

I gave it a try+ it went to Elements. And it didn’t get a result I’d like

Ah got it. Can you give short info, how you earn on Elements? For example how much you earned from this item on Elements?

From this item on Elements I’ve earned quite the same as on VH. But in a longer run it should bring more